The Future Awaits


A few nights ago, my cousin, Autumn, and I, were going on an evening stroll in the small town of Toquerville, Utah during a family reunion. We were walking past a grass field close to my grandparent’s house when we saw a beautiful sunset through some clouds. We both stopped to admire it.

“I really love sunsets,” said Autumn, “I’ve heard people say sunsets bring hope and peace. Why do you think that is Zach?”

I responded, “Well, I’ve heard some people say that it means the end of something great.”

Autumn stood pondering for a moment and said, “That’s interesting. Then a sunrise means a new beginning.” That brief conversation I had with Autumn inspired this post.

I’ve just finished a three-month long internship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. That chapter, like the sunset, has ended for a time. It was a time where I learned much, made numerous friends, and grew. Now I am in the next chapter in my life. Tomorrow I will be moving to Dallas, Texas, to begin my next internship with Southwest Airlines. A new sunrise in my life is beginning.

During this particular family reunion, I thought a bit about my upcoming internship and the pressing problems our nation has had with Syria recently. I feel that many, myself included, can be at times scared of what awaits us in the future. We don’t know what lies on the horizon or how that chapter in our life will pan out. Many chapters in our life begin with a leap of faith and uncertainty with what will happen. We may feel both excited and terrified to begin a new chapter. A friend of mine, Matthew Wilson, said, “If you aren’t making yourself uncomfortable, you aren’t growing.”

Going to Dallas is both exciting and nerve-racking. I am excited to make many more treasured friends and to learn more about the business world. I am also scared to move to a place I don’t know much about and to be away from home. But I feel that with each step that it helps us become better individuals and opens the door to many more wonderful experiences down our road of life. Life isn’t meant to be a stalemate but one of growth and reaching outside our comfort zone. If we aren’t seeking, we aren’t growing. My Peruvian friend, Pilar Arce, said, “I like when life is always changing and bringing us new adventures.”

President Monson, the current leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, said,  “The future is as bright as your faith.”

Make each chapter in your life count and don’t fear the future. Smile as a new sunrise begins and work hard throughout the day so your sunset is even more glorious to watch!

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