Hamburgers To Try This Summer


Hamburg, Germany is credited as being the city that brought hamburgers to light. According to the Food Lovers Companion, German sailors in the 19th century brought back the legendary idea of using raw shredded beef in meals after trading with the Baltic provinces of Russia. An unknown German chef is credited with making the first hamburger. The hamburger made its first appearance in the U.S. at the Louis Louisiana Purchase expedition in 1904. Since then, it’s been an all-American food.


The United States is filled with many unique ways to cook foods. Some of them are absolutely appalling while others are worth being on the plates of royalty. Below are five tasty hamburgers to enjoy at your next summer barbeque. If you want to get really adventurous I’m sure you can find recipes for each of these exotic hamburgers if you want to impress (or scare away) that significant other or be the life of your local potluck party.


1. Doughnut Burger. Yes, you heard me correctly, there is actually a thing called a Doughnut Hamburger in our country. In Portland, Oregon The Original sells the, “Voodoo Doughnut Burger.” This concoction includes a patty of Strawberry Mountain natural ground beef, Tillamook Cheddar cheese, and the buns are glazed doughnuts.

To learn more about other doughnut hamburgers, check out this link:


2. Double Coronary Burger. This probably isn’t an item you want to have for dinner every night but one to have at least a few times in your lifetime, if you want to shorten it. At The Vortex Bar & Grill in Atlanta, Georgia, this hamburger includes a flame-broiled half-pound patty of premium ground sirloin, two fried eggs, four slices of American cheese, 5 crispy strips of bacon, and two grilled American cheese sandwiches as buns. Oh and don’t forget the side of mayo.



3. Chili Burger. The creators of The Burger Map in Sao Paulo, Brazil, not only traveled the U.S. to find out the secrets to the best hamburgers but have also created a tasty chili burger. This hamburger includes Tex-Mex cheese sauce, tortilla chips, and of course, chili.

Picture of chili burger and other crazy hamburgers at this link:  


4. Cheesesteak Burger. In Philadelphia, the PYT serves a Cheesesteak Pretzel Roll burger. This masterpiece includes cheesesteak, hamburger meat, and a soft pretzel roll. This hamburger is then roasted in a garlic-caramelized onion sauce as the finishing touch.

Here’s the picture that will make you stop working on homework and drive to your local burger joint:


5. Burger Garbage Plate. This is actually a popular item in the New York area. This “garbage” plate consists of hamburger or cheeseburger meat, two hot dogs, grilled cheese, ham or eggs, fries, baked beans, home fries or macaroni salad. This dish is then doused in a mustard, onion, and beefy hot sauce.  

Why travel all the way to New York? Check out this recipe to make this entrée in the comfort of your own kitchen:



2 thoughts on “Hamburgers To Try This Summer

  1. This was the best one yet zach. The coronary looks amazing, I’m pretty sure that takes a few hours off your life every one you eat. You rock!

    Jake Tacher, BS, SPT University of New England



    • Hey it’s great to hear from you Jake! The coronary hamburger is the one I want to try the most. I found one hamburger online that consisted of a hamburger smothered in a hot fudge sundae. And thanks 🙂


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