A Date To Remember

A Spanish philosopher named George Santayana said, “The word experience is like a shrapnel shell, and bursts into a thousand meanings.” Each word in the dictionary has the potential to have multiple meanings instead of a specific one. Imagine your roommate comes home one night and exclaims, “Wow, that was a date to remember!” This statement alone can have multiple meanings. To save you trouble, let’s explore the different types of dates out there that your roommate could be referring to.
First, your roommate could be referring to the date as a fruit which is mostly grown in the Middle East–an important crop in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and North Africa. Dates in the United States can be found in the western portion of the United States as well. The fact that your roommate found a date (not a significant other) to eat in your college town alone is truly remarkable due to the scarcity of this fruit in the United States.
Second, your roommate could be thinking about an important historical event that transpired on that day many years ago. This could be anything from remembering the day the R.M.S. Titanic sank or when Miley Cyrus gave the world nightmares with her latest music video.  
Third, your roommate could have just attended a substance abuse program known as Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education but is abbreviated as DATE. This program is used in some schools in the country to help addicts quit. Hopefully your roommate doesn’t have to go to one of these programs while attending a private church school or while they’re in a prestigious job at Google.
Another organization also abbreviated as DATE is the Design Automation and Test in Europe. It is a yearly conference geared towards electronic design automation. Most of the time it’s held in Germany and France. The fact that your roommate was able to make it back so quickly from Europe to the United States is truly astounding. You should treat him or her to a celebration dinner if this was the type of DATE they went on. Then ask where they got their teleporting skills.
Fourth, your roommate could be referring to a date in the Japanese, Swedish, or American culture. There was a Japanese feudal clan known simply as The Date Clan and a Japanese family line with the last name Date. Or perhaps they are talking about the cities named Date in Japan, California, or Arizona. Or maybe they just saw a performance of the Swedish dansband Date.
Lastly, and most likely, your roommate just went on a date with the person of their dreams. This type of date is simply defined in The Free Dictionary as, “An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest.” If the date went really well, you’ll probably be up till 3am listening to your roommate giggle (unless it’s a guy then that’s just plain weird) talking about this special someone.
Now you are ready to know exactly what your roommate is talking about when they swing the door open and say, “Wow, that was a date to remember!” You can assume they’re talking about fruit, a historic event, an addiction recovery program, a European conference, a Japanese individual, cities, a Swedish band, or a social engagement with a significant other. Your life is officially simplified. I hope you do not find this information outdated.​