Our Potential


Earlier this week, I went with a group of friends to the cheap theater here in Rexburg to see The Lego Movie. One of my friends told me how the movie focused on each individual’s potential to change the world, no matter how normal they are. The movie focuses on an ordinary Lego construction worker by the name of Emmet, and how, despite multiple setbacks, he saves the world because of specific skills he possesses.


The Lego Movie got me thinking about how some of the greatest heroes we know today started out as simply ordinary, and after much opposition became extraordinary. You may feel ordinary and just another face in a crowd. But remember that out of the ordinary came heroes like Jackie Robinson, Albert Einstein, Malala Yousafzai, and J.K. Rowling. Each of them had to face opposition before becoming legends. All of them have had to endure taunts, abuse, and some even death threats. Yet despite the opposition, they overcame and changed the world because of the skills they developed.


You have the power to change the world like heroes do today. Develop worthwhile skills and character traits. Don’t let your past or insensitive people in your life crush your potential. Show them who’s boss! I have found in life that the most opposition comes before doing something great. We may never understand why people treat us the way they do. But remember this. You are special. You can change the world just like Emmet, the Lego construction worker did. All you have to do is believe in yourself and show the world you cannot be knocked down.