To Save A Life

In Daraa, Syria, a young boy lugging a small brown backpack was caught on video running down a street. Snipers from the Syrian Arab Army had just begun firing into a crowd of Syrian rebels. One sniper took careful aim at the boy. They missed. A Syrian man ran down the street towards the terrified boy seconds after the missed shot. The man scooped up the boy and ran with him to safety. What makes this story most remarkable is that this man wasn’t the boy’s father or brother. In fact, he had never met the boy.


What does this almost unknown incident in the Syrian Civil War have to do with you? We live in a society where charitable acts can be rare. Such acts have the power to change or even save lives.


It can be easy in life to get caught up with our busy lives. We have so much to do and so little time! It’s in times like that where we can miss those who are struggling and could use that extra pick me up.


Never forget the power you have to change the world. Your actions may not be caught on video but they can save lives, no matter how small. Think of who and how you can save today.


Who are some people in your life that have come to your rescue?


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