Doing Your Fair Share

On Nov. 11, 1928, the overcrowded, leaky steamship Vestris ran into a severe storm on its way to Argentina. It began to list due to the strong waves and the shifting cargo. Stokers down below struggled to keep the ship afloat and the chief engineer, James Adams, believed that with their combined effort they could keep the Vestris afloat till help arrived. Yet crewmembers down below began to lose heart and deserted in groups. These groups laid around on deck and did nothing to help the situation. When threatened by the captain of the ship to go below, they only pretended to go and then came out another way. Because of these crewmembers, the ship sank faster and took with her 111 souls.

Can you relate to what it’s like to be in a group where individuals aren’t pulling their fair share? Unfortunately, you probably know what it’s like to deal with those type of people and to try salvaging a project before it sinks. Evaluate yourself and the groups you are in. Are you putting in your fair share or contributing the least amount of work possible? Think of those you work with and how much you actually contribute to a project. Don’t be that team member that procrastinates a project and hurts others because you were lazy. Life does get in the way at times, but strive to contribute during all of those times so there are less “Vestris’s” in the world.