The Cheesiest Place In Boston


Lobster, Buffalo chicken, and peppers are not normally associated as “comfort food” with Americans, but one place in Boston, Mass., known simply as MMMac N’ Cheese, seeks to add these unique toppings to their zesty mac n’ cheese dishes.


Recipe of Success

Today, MMMac N’ Cheese is known as making one of the best mac n’ cheeses in the country. The stand is located in the food court inside the Quincy Market building at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It is a popular hot spot for tourists and residents alike in Boston.


Customers have a variety of tasty options to choose– from BBQ Mac to Veggie Mac. Their cheese sauce is a blend of American, cheddar, jack and parmesan cheeses. “MMMac N’ Cheese is insanely good,” says Christian Halsey, a Boston resident.


Entrees are served piping hot and fresh. Customers are able to watch cooks create their meal right before their eyes. The cooks have to learn to make high quality food while also working on pacing themselves as a majority of customers have been standing in line for a long time.


How It All Started

MMMac N’ Cheese came to be in 2008 thanks to a college student named Jacob Hadjigeorgis. The son of a restaurateur, Hadjigeorgis was born in Queens, N.Y.  and became enthralled by local specialties as he traveled throughout the U.S. and Czech Republic in his early years as a college student.


Hadjigeorgis wanted to open up his own restaurant and set his eyes on Boston. Learning that mac n’ cheese was a popular dish in Boston, he decided to open up a mac n’ cheese location that surpassed all others and his father agreed to give him the money.


Hadjigeorgis had willing customers agree to try multiple blends of mac n’ cheese until he found one that most were satisfied with. Once, to set his restaurant apart, he even blow torched his mac & cheese.


MMMac N’ Cheese’s Future

Not all customers have been thrilled with MMMac N’ Cheese. Complaints at range from long lines at the stand, to too much cheese in the entrees, as well as upset stomachs.


Food critics and customers though have continued to praise MMMac N’ Cheese for its delicious mac n’ cheese. The Hungry City Blog praised MMMac N’ Cheese as “a hidden gem in Faneuil Hall where freshness is on the menu.”


Christian Halsey believes the success of MMMac N’ Cheese is attributed to two things—their prime location in Boston, just off of the Freedom Trail, and also the great price to quantity ratio of the food. “I see them being around for a while,” says Halsey.


You may not care for having tomatoes or mushrooms in your mac n’ cheese, but if you’re looking for a local favorite, MMMac N’ Cheese is the place to be while visiting the city where America’s Revolution began.



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